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Wool&Polyester Mixed Felt

Wool&Polyester Mixed Felt

Wool&Polyester Mixed Felt made from chemical fibers and wool fibers processed with needle punched technology.

The Wool&Polyester Mixed Felt can be used as materials of polishing, insulating, packing, and shockproof, dustproof, decoration, and gasket.
It is also the good choice of material as decoration, craft products, bags, shoes, and etc.

Many other usages are according to customers’ practical application.


Item No

Weight (g/m2)

Thickness (mm)

Length*Width (mm)

Wool percent(%)






Customer request

Customer request

Remark: If for special specifications and usage, it can be ordered separately.



Nangong Xinghua Felt FactoryFactory
Add: NO.58 Chuiyang road Nangong City  Telephone :86-0319-5351301FAX:86-0319-5351718